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Higher Standards Tube Top

Higher Standards

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When you want to clean the inside of your pipes, it's a bit awkward and dangerous to have both hands trying to cover multiple holes while getting a good rinse- especially with bigger pieces. So, Higher Standards designed a great accessory to make your cleaning process a little easier. The 5 piece set of plugs come in multiple widths so you can rinse your pipe with a little more oomph safely. They are silicone based, easy to wash and can also double as a way to mask the smell of your dirty pipes. 

Try it with the all-natural pipe cleaner Kleen Green Gold!

Higher Standards created a line of helpful cleaning tools to keep your pieces and vapes clean. While function matters the most, Higher Standards brands their products with design in mind as well. 


5mm x 1.5mm

6mm x 3mm

19mm x 13mm

24mm x 18mm

45mm x 37mm



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